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Using Dragon Medical Speech Recognition to

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Customer Quote

 " With Dragon Medical Practice Edition and the EHR, we can generate the code that truly reflects the work we do for complex patients. Our Level 4 encounters increased from 3% to 14% over a six month period."
- Chuck Stillwaggon
Practice Administraton Orthopedics Northwest, PLLC
Yakima, WA

We are the regional distributor and certified trainer of Dragon Medical speech recognition software.  Many doctors have heard of the power of medical speech recognition and indeed many of them in Hong Kong  and this region are already using it to increase the efficiency and quality of their medical reporting.   But in case you have not adopted speech recognition yet, why not take a few minutes to read our information provide herewith?


Work Smarter Not Harder

According to research, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) can take a lot more time to document patient reports, which causes doctors to either see less patients or work more hours.  And in numerous cases EMR has contributed negatively to the quality of patient documentation because many reports become just standardized forms or templates.  

On the other hand, today's patients and referral doctors are increasingly expecting comprehensive and detailed patient reports.  The answer to the above expectation is medical speech recognition.  Use alone or together with dictation and transcription methods, Dragon Medical will largely enhance both the speed and quality of medical reporting in your clinic.  

The latest version, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 (just launched in November), is extremely efficient and accurate, requires minimal time to startup, and works seamlessly with most popular EMRs.  Just speak to your computer, you will be surprised just how versatile and powerful the system can be, particularly when you use it in conjunction with Philips dictation systems.  (click here for research report)


Seeing Is Believing

And as your partner and certified trainer, we will walk through every step with you to setup a profile and workflow that most suit to your personal style, or to create your customized templates.  Medical speech recognition is happening, kindly take a look at our newsletter for more information.  And of course seeing is believing, just call us for a demo or trial.  Dragon Medical takes only minutes to prove itself.   Watch our demo video below.

Seeing is Believing

the Power of Dragon Medical explained

View the full power of template

our newly customized 'Pick List Template' for cancer staging

Check out our newly created outpatient 'Pick List Template' for flu

Viewing images on one monitor while reporting the findings on another is not an easy task. The transparent 'dictation box' is the ultimate solution!

Dr Guo Man You, President of the Radiological Society, R.O.C., has become our first user at the Veterans General Hospital, Taipei recently.