Mobile Dictation App for Smartphones

Smartphone Dictation App 

bring your solution to the sky!

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Now you can record and send dictation files from home, the office or even from the skies to anywhere in the world.  

The dictation app is designed to fit perfectly with the Philips SpeechExec transcription software. 

With all the dictation control of a professional voice recorder,  you send your dictation, notes and even photos instantly back to your office via the secured Philips SpeechExec Dictation Hub through WIFI or mobile phone carrier's network.  It also means one less gadget to carry around.

What is Philips SpeechExec Dictation Hub?

SpeechExec Dictation Hub service enables you to use all the benefits of a professional Smartphone dictation solution without spending money on the underlying server infrastructure or investing time and money in maintenance and support. With minimum effort and definable costs you can record dictations via Android, BlackBerry, iPhone Smartphones and transfer them to your company. SpeechExec Dictation Hub will send the dictation files to a predefined email address (e.g. to the secretary for transcription) or FTP location. So no matter where your dictations have to be recorded they will be sent rapidly to their destination. Therefore this service is an extraordinary addition to the classic digital dictation machines with the ergonomic design from Philips.

Only HK$1,500 annually!

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