Dragon Speech Recognition Software

Dragon Speech Recognition

Let your voice do all the typing

Dragon, the world’s best-selling speech recognition software, lets you dictate documents, search the web, email and more on your computer — quickly and accurately — just by using your voice. You don’t even have to lift a finger.  Remember, speaking is 3 times faster than typing.
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3 has been designed to turn medical dictation into text faster and more accurately than ever before.

Key features

  • Improved Accuracy  Significant improvement in out-of-box accuracy       compared to previous and non-medical versions.
  • New DragonBar  The newly designed DragonBar collapses automatically to take up less space on your screen when you’re not using it.
  • Medical Vocabularies  Includes vocabularies for medical specialties and subspecialties.
  • Transparent Dictation Window  A transparent screen makes dictating into Hidden Mode easy while viewing lab results, images and flow sheets.            
  • Dragon Medical Template Library  Includes library of macros for standard notes and ‘medical normals’ by body system. 
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Drive documentation productivity—all by voice

Dragon Professional Individual for documentation productivity

Put your voice to work to create reports, emails, forms and more with the all-new Dragon Professional Individual, v15. With a next-generation speech engine leveraging Deep Learning technology, you can now dictate and transcribe faster and more accurately than ever before, and spend less time on documentation and more time on activities that boost the bottom line.

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Improve documentation quality, turnaround and costs

Dragon Professional Group Documentation Productivity for the Enterprise

Empower employees to create high-quality documentation faster and more efficiently, while saving your business time and money, with the Dragon Professional Group enterprise-ready speech recognition solution.

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Your voice can change your practice

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal edition

In addition to saving time and costs, Dragon 13 Legal speech recognition can improve overall productivity for you and your staff. Seamlessly turn around document case and client information, contracts, briefs and other legal materials with your voice rather than typing.

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Talk business to get work done faster

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Edition

Busy professionals can now create documents, capture ideas with dictation and get more done on their computers — quickly and accurately using their voice. Turn time savings into cost savings for your company with Dragon 13 Professional.

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