Conference Recording

Capture your meetings with 360° recording


Meeting Recorder DPM8900

The simple way to make your meeting a success!

Let every voice be heard and important ideas remembered. The innovative Pocket Memo meeting recorder allows you to capture everyone’s ideas in excellent audio quality, no matter where they are seated around the table. The extendable 360° microphone system offers flexibility as well as ease of use.

Superior audio quality

  • 360-degree sound pick-up for optimal recording
  • High recording quality in DSS Pro, MP3 and PCM format
  • Extendable solution for increased recording range
  • Innovative meeting microphones for superb recording quality

Easy and intuitive experience

  • Built-in wire storage for adjusting cable length
  • Elegant metal carrying case for portability and protection

Designed around you

  • SpeechExec workflow software for fast document management
  • Easy to use out-of-the-box solution for instant use
  • Exchangeable memory card for unlimited recording
  • Automatic file download via USB for quick transcription

Voice Tracer DVT8000

360° degree meeting recorder – Light, portable and easy to use

Capture every meeting in excellent, noise-free audio quality. Simply place the 360° meeting microphone on the table, press record on the remote control and capture all speakers, from every angle.

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360° Boundary Layer Microphone – LFH9172

The simple way to make your meeting a success!

Accessory for DPM8900 and DVT8000 with revolutionary design to pick-up sound from a 360 degree radius for a perfect recording experience, wire storage and length adaptation build into base. The boundary layer design uses the sound pressure of the table in a straightforward form. The extendable lets the system grow with the needs of the user.