Philips SpeechMike

Best-in-Class Recording

SpeechMike is particularly popular in the medical field for use in speech recognition and dictation because of its high quality sound and ease of use design.  It comes in various formats that can suit different users requirement (eg., radiology, pathology), including barcode scanner, motion sensor, programmable buttons, even encrpyted bluetooth.   

As a solution provider Quantum Ltd will help you to choose a suitable microphone and the ideal configuration that most suit your workflow.

The SpeechMike Premium takes dictation to a new level.  May it be the free-floating studio quality Precision Microphone, a microphone grille with optimised structure, built-in noise-reduction pop filter, antimicrobial surface or the world’s first motion sensor in a stationary digital dictation device – the SpeechMike Premium sets the new standard.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Push button and slide switch available
  • Clickable trackball
  • Priority button
  • Scroll wheel function
  • Precision mic free-floating and decoupled from housing for noise-free dictation
  • Integrated sound card and speaker
  • Record LED
  • Function buttons
  • All buttons fully programmable
  • Integrated motion sensor for on/off control
  • Barcode scanner optional – ideal for inputting accession number
  • SpeechExec dictation and transcription software (optional)
  • PC & MAC compatible

The LFH3500 & 3600 series

SpeechMike Premium

Philips re-invents stationary dictation with a free-floating studio quality Precision Microphone for best speech recognition results ever to be delivered in a desktop microphone.

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SpeechMike Premium comes with different buttons configuration and optional barcode scanner 

SpeechMike III series (LFH3200 series)

  • Noise-canceling microphone for accurate speech recognition results
  • Integrated sound card and speaker ensuring crystal clear playback
  • Comfortable ergonomic design for one-thumb operation
  • Attach client or patient data to a recording simply by scanning a barcode
  • Available with Philips SpeechExec professional dictation software
  • Geared for Dragon NaturallySpeaking recognition software
  • Can be fully integrated into existing workflow systems

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SpeechMike Air (LFH3000 series)

Efficiency is wireless

For people who do not compromise, SpeechMike Air presents the perfection of the world’s number one dictation microphone. The highly professional PC microphone takes desktop dictation to a new level, no longer restraining you by a cord. The SpeechMike Air delivers excellent speech recognition capabilities and refined ergonomics for convenient operation. There is no need to settle for less than the premium device – go for the SpeechMike Air!

  • Recoding control with 4-position slide switch or push button version
  • One thumb operation of all dictation features
  • Intuitive recording with the push -to-talk function
  • High quality microphone for excellent recording quality
  • Trackball for navigation through documents replaces the mouse
  • Superb recording quality optimised for speech recognition
  • Encrypted Bluetooth technology

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