Dr Guo Man You, President of the Radiological Society and a radiologist at the Veterans General Hospital, Taipei (台北榮民總醫院) has become our first customer at this hospital.

Jun 18, 2015 | Uncategorized

Dr Guo Man You

Dr Guo says he has a vision.  As the president of the society in Taiwan, he observes that the overall quality of medical reports by radiologists has not improved in the recent years.  The root cause is that with the common use of short forms and templates in EHR doctors are less likely to capture the nuance of the patients’ condition with these standardised reports.   Thus, to improve the value and standard of the diagnostic reports, Dr Guo believes that speech recognition is the answer – with this tool, radiologists are able to dictate more information into the reports and in lesser time.  The result is the improvement of the standards of the radiologists in Taiwan, according to him.  As the President, he wishes to be a pioneer in adopting a new way to medical reporting and eventually influencing other doctors.  We wish him success.