The Hong Kong Stock Exchange, a long term customer with us, has implemented a system of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Pro 13 which is fully integrated with their existing Philips transcription system.

Apr 30, 2015 | Uncategorized

The beauty of the new system is that there is no change to their existing workflow, since the clients have been using Philips dictation and transcription for years and do not prefer radical change to their dictation habit.   In this case, the author only needed about 5 minutes to create a voice profile with the new Dragon Pro version 13.  And from there onward, the author would just dictate as usual with his Philips Pocket Memo.  Once dictation is  completed, he will pass the recorder to the secretary to download the files.  The system will then automatically take up the job of speech-to-text transcription.  The secretary will only need to amend the text without typing from scratch.  For busy professionals like you, all the time needed is that 5 minutes to set up a proper profile!  No change in habit except a happy secretary.